In the wake of the suspension of the 2020 NRL season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've had many Members & supporters contact the Club asking how they can help. The loss of broadcast & match day revenues has threatened the viability of our Club, & now more than ever - it is the support of our Members & supporters that keeps us strong. Below are some of the many ways that you can support the Club through this challenging time. In true South Sydney spirit, we will get through this, shoulder to shoulder. #SSFCTogether


Membership is truly the lifeblood of the Rabbitohs. Our strength both on the field as a football team, & off the field as a community, is a reflection of the commitment & character of all 30 thousand of our Members! The absolute best way to support the Club is by becoming a Member, & recruiting anyone else that you know who loves the Rabbitohs to do the same!


If you & all of your friends have already stood above the rest & purchased a 2020 Membership - we have one more thing to ask of you.

As a 2020 Member, you have helped shape the culture that is our great Club. Without game-day revenue and hospitality, we rely on our Membership and Merchandise revenue to remain viable. We're asking Members to stick with us in this difficult time by pledging your 2020 Membership fee to the Club no matter what happens with the 2020 NRL Season.



Buying Merchandise direct from the Rabbitohs online store is a great way to directly support the Club! Did you know that the Rabbitohs only receive a small fraction of profits from Rabbitohs Merchandise sold on other platforms like NRL Shop or Rebel Sports? Buying your kit directly assists the Club in fielding a strong product on & off the field - & you get to look great during quarantine!


In the true spirit of the Club, many Rabbitohs Members - spearheaded by the Burrow – have approached us looking for an opportunity to support us through this challenge. By donating to the Club, you will support the day to day running of core functions including re-employing Rabbitohs staff across the business to ensure that the Club can remain viable into the future and provide ongoing services to Rabbitohs Members & supporters.


Just because we're not playing games doesn't mean that our team and staff aren't listening to your messages of support! Post your message to Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #SSFCTogether for your voice to be heard - Our players will be watching. Let’s rally behind our Rabbitohs. Together as one, #SSFCTogether.

Thank You To Those Who Have Donated

Thank you to the following Members & fans who have donated to the Club to support the day to day running of core functions for when we inevitably are back on our feet.

Thank You To Our Members Who Have Pledged

Thank you to the following Members who are choosing to stick with us in this difficult time by pledging their 2020 Membership fee to the Club.